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Hi, my name is Lori Vande Krol and I am co-founder and owner of Life Made Simple, LLC. As a trained organization and productivity consultant, I help individuals and businesses create and maintain order in all areas of life. Using a unique 5 step process, I work with you to determine the best solutions to your specific challenges. Through education, training and experience, I have developed systems and tools that will save you time, energy and money -- all resulting in less stress. My experience as a professional organizer, as well as 13 years in a Fortune 500 company, personal role as wife and mother and community roles with various organizations have provided me with a great understanding of how an organized and productive environment can impact all areas of life. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals and find balance in their lives, allowing more time for what matters most.

  • Waste valuable time looking for lost items?

  • Miss important deadlines or appointments?

  • Feel as though you'll never catch up or get through your "to-do" list?

  • Work an entire day without feeling a sense of accomplishment?

Life Made Simple can help!  We offer services to individuals and businesses, including: 

  • Sorting, decluttering and organizing information - paper or electronic

  • Workplace productivity improvement

  • Paperless environments

  • Cloud computing

  • Project, process and task management

  • Email management

Please visit our website for more information. www.alifemadesimple.com

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