September 2019 Feature! Sidney Young

13 Sure-Fire Tips to Get and KEEP Your Home in Order

These 13 tips will help you clear your home of the messy buildups and help relieve the stress that comes with having a disorganized home.  Letting go of the things that take up space or do not enhance your life will make each day feel more productive and satisfying.

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1. De-clutter for 20 minutes every day. Organizing and purging in small increments makes a HUGE difference and helps to create a routine.

2. Donate or Sell the stuff you’re de-cluttering. There are many websites for selling online: Craigslist, EBay, Facebook sites and so on. You can also do a good deed and get a tax deduction to boot when you donate your items to a charity.

3. Make it a habit to clean your desk.  Use the 20 minute rule for your home office at the end of each day. File and shred daily to help prevent those mounts of paper work and bills to accumulate.  It is also easier to focus on your projects with your desk in order.

4. Get the kids involved.  For those of you with children even the little ones, get them in on the fun.  Kids are more than likely to keep things organized if they are involved with the process.  Make it a game, set a timer and offer rewards.

5. Practice the “one in, one out” rule.  Whenever you bring in an item, you have to purge one as well. Utilizing this rule will help you be mindful of the items you purchase as well.

6. De-clutter one room or space at a time. This will help you stay focused and motivate to do more!

7. Stand and Sort. Open and sort your mail the minute you take it from the mailbox.  Toss all junk mail and envelopes in the recycle bin and put all bills and other important docs in an IN BOX or Bill file.  Don’t let your mail pile up!!

8. When in doubt, throw it out! Follow this rule and it can change your life.  Ask yourself, “Do I need this?” and if not, throw it out, donate it or sell it.  95% of what you toss you will never need again. I promise!!


9. A place for everything…and everything in its place.  This simply means putting things where they belong.  Make a habit of not putting things down unless you are putting them where they belong

10. GET HELP! Ask a friend you trust to help you go through things. They will not be emotionally attached and can help you focus. When in doubt hire a PRO: If you're just too overwhelmed a professional organizer can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

11. CLEAR OUT YOUR GARAGE and storage clutter!!! Letting go of stored items is one of the most difficult projects for many of my clients but it’s necessary.  Let go of old documents, 10 year old taxes, baby items, unused furniture and broken items. If the item has gone unused for the past 1-2 years it’s best to clear it out and make room for items you truly want to store.

12. Get your kitchen in order! Remove everything from the counters that is not used on a daily basis.  Make sure to store cookware and keep nick-knacks to a minimum.

13. Stop clutter before it starts!  Instead of shopping when you don’t need anything specific, go for a walk or spend time with a friend.  The idea is to spend less time creating more clutter and focus on more important things.


Need Organizing has been helping people gain control of their clutter since 1999 and has been featured on local news and published articles on Conquering clutter.  My approach is simple and straight forward. I will work collaboratively with you to prioritize what you have and what you need at home or the office.

My mission is to rid homes and offices of clutter, while helping to make each day feel more productive and satisfying.

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