September 2019 - Library Card Sign Up Month!

Stalling Future Book Clutter by Making

A Visit to Your Local Library Can Save You Money $$$.


I was scrolling through my emails when I clicked on one from my local library, the subject was September is library card sign up month. After doing some research I found out Library Card sigh up month has been held each September to mark the beginning of the school year since 1987. During the month, the American Library Association and libraries unite in a national effort to ensure every child and adult who hasn’t already gets signs-up for their own library card. 

As a mother of two avid readers we spend lots of time at the library but also an equal amount of time in Barns & Noble or shopping on Amazon.   My Amazon cart currently has 6 books in it just for my 9 year old alone it doesn’t include any books for myself or daughter yet. My husband and I have been discussing different ways to save money and it just clicked that all these small book purchases REALLY DO ADD UP.

I was inspired by a recent Reddit post that answers the question of how much money you can save using the library, in black and white. People were sharing pictures of their library receipts, which shows how much money they saved by checking books out from the library instead of buying them, the response was absolutely eye opening. At a time when library funding is in danger across the country, it makes it clear just how valuable libraries are to the American public.

But how much money should a single person expect to save by using their local library instead of buying books? Americans read an average of 12 books per year, according to a 2018 study by Pew Research, and a typical hardcover novel for adults retails for between $25 and $30. If we consider $27.50 to be the average price of an adult hardcover, then a single library user who reads only one book per month could expect to save $330 per year by using their local library. 

Research shows $18 as "a typical list price for a picture book" in hardcover, which means that parents and caretakers can save $18,000 in five years — or $3,600 per year — by checking out children's books from their local library. Assuming you read one new book to your child per day, your savings would total $6,570 every year, or $32,850 in five years.  THAT’S A TON OF SAVINGS FOLKS!!!

Think about how it would add up if you stopped purchasing books for your babies, toddlers and beginning readers and began borrowing from the library. Yikes!!!! That could equal lots of book clutter avoided over the years. Since parents and caregivers are encouraged to read daily to their childrens in their formative years, if your just getting hip to this, go check out some books ideas that you can easily return! You too can avoid having a ton of purchased books lying around.

Maybe all those potential savings could inspire a little book purge at home, Because Why Not. I wanted to share some amazing tips from one of my favorite organizing websites Home Storage Solutions It gives 5 quick Questions to ask yourself when decluttering Books:

5 Questions To Ask Yourself when Decluttering Books

  • Is this a duplicate? This one is a no-brainer

  • Is the material in this book out of date or no longer relevant?

  • Have I read this book yet or will I in the future?

  • Why do I want to keep this book?

  • Could I check out this book at the library if I wanted to read it again?

I hope this information has inspired you to go to the library.

Save some money and purge a few books along the way.

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