August 2019 Feature! Christine Dornbusch

Catching up with the ‘The Neat Freak’ of Waterloo

Happy August fellow organization enthusiasts! I am excited to be celebrating my third beautiful summer as an Iowan and continue to be very pleased with my decision to move to this lovely state.


A little update on my business – I kicked off the summer with a “Take Back Your Space” presentation at the Cedar Falls Public Library at the end of May. It was great to see such a diversity of ages in the attendees, and the questions I got were fantastic! That momentum and energy carried over to the next stop on my library roadshow at the Marion Public Library in June. Thank you to everyone who attended those events! It was truly a joy to share my passion of organizing through those public forums, and I always learn so much from the participants.


I am continuing to accept new clients and am particularly interested in helping families who are either preparing to move or have recently moved. That is a great time to take inventory of your “stuff” and create sustainable organization systems that increase productivity, give you more space, and allow you to spend your precious time doing the things you love.


Outside of my business, I am active in the community theatre scene. I recently wrapped up my commitment as the choreographer for Waterloo Community Playhouse’s production of “Beauty and the Beast”. The talent in that cast was outstanding, and I especially enjoyed creating a dance for enchanted dishes and flatware for the “Be Our Guest” number. I couldn’t stop smiling as I sat in the audience during performances. It was an experience I won’t soon forget.

In June, I hosted my family’s annual reunion. Wow – what a weekend! We all had a great time watching old home videos, playing lawn games, and eating endless amounts of food. While I quickly learned that it is a ton of work to prepare for and execute such an event, I found that my knack for organization (in the form of a shared spreadsheet via Google Drive) helped me solicit help from family members, delegate food prep responsibilities, and keep track of the number of tables and chairs I was going to need. It felt great to show everyone that even a minimalist can host and entertain guests 😊


Soak up the sunshine while it lasts – thanks for reading!

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