July 2019 - Become More Mindful to Become More Organized

Not many would put organization and mindfulness on a two-armed scale and think they would balance each other out. Are they even related?

Being mindful is a way to look at your perspective on a situation and be open to new awareness and adjustment. After two years of taking coaching courses, I’m now a huge advocate that you can’t have long-term success at being organized without a thorough look at your perspectives. When I first started my business 5 years ago, this wasn’t my professional approach. Now, I hold out the two-arm scale and say with confidence that organization and mindfulness go hand-in-hand in order to have a balanced home, life, and mind.

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Let me explain further.

Organization is creating function in a space. Mindfulness and perspective is seeing what is affecting the bigger picture. You need the big picture before you can improve function.

An oil change metaphor
You can take your car to get an oil change. It runs well until the next oil change. You can go one step further and learn how to change your own oil, and it will also run well until the next change. But, when the car breaks down and you change the oil thinking that will repair the leak in the radiator, your car won’t run well, if at all. You need to step back and learn how the whole car functions in order to learn (and see) how to keep it running smoothly. 

Perspective helps you see the cause and effect.

This bigger picture is the benefit of perspective. You can organize a space by purging and rearranging, but it doesn’t change how the space operates in the big picture. You need to step back, assess the bigger picture and create self-awareness. Perspective helps you see the cause and effect. It helps you learn and uncover your habits (good or bad!) so you can create change for the long term. A quick oil change will only get you so far.

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The mountain view
I love to hike. When I hike in my hometown of Phoenix on Cambelback Mountain, I am always tricked into thinking I’m almost at the top. It’s a deceiving trail because the trail winds and the small peaks with beautiful views give the illusion that you’re near the top. But, if you keep climbing you will finally arrive at the top of the mountain, and you can see a 360 view of the city. It’s stunning. I love sitting up there and taking in the city and being able to see for miles. A view I wouldn’t have otherwise had if I’d stayed at the bottom of the mountain or stopped at the lower peaks. The 360-degree perspective gives a new appreciation for the hard work it took to get to the top and an awareness that there is more than one view of the city scape.

This is life. We can see one viewpoint from where we stand today. But there are many other angels and panoramas that we are missing out on if we don’t explore things from the bigger picture.

Per-spec-tive. Long word with a lot of power.

How to gain perspective?
Perspective and mindfulness comes from creating self-awareness. We need to explore our awareness which leads to action and learning. What we once thought was truth is now adjusted because we are open to new possibilities. Ask yourself, what is working in the space? What’s getting in the way? What has power over my thoughts? What life do I want to live? What’s the bigger goal/picture? 

Become more mindful today and gain new perspective to move forward with more order…and more life!

If you desire more productivity and don’t know what is getting you stuck, contact an Iowa Professional Organizer in your region to get started today. 

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