June 2019 - Summer Fun!

The dog days of summer are almost here!

Here are some activities/ideas to do with the kids whether you want to be inside or outside.

Enjoy your summer!


1. Games can be easy and fun. Traditional “Simon Says” or 123 Red Light” are great ones for when you are outside on a sunny warm day. Board games are a great way to spend time inside on a rainy day. You can also sit and make silly faces or play hide and seek.


2. Go to a nearby park or playground. This is a great way to burn off energy on a beautiful day. You can always grab a ball and take it with you.

Messy Kids Summer Activities 1.png

3. Crafts are fun for all ages. Finger painting can be done both inside and outside using edible materials such as yogurt and food coloring. Make some cookie dough and have them cut out favorite shapes.

4. Reading aloud is always an option and enhances the experience if you include props such as blankets, pillows, chairs to make a tent or fort. Pop some popcorn and it will make it all come to life.

5. Reverse roles and let the kids be the babysitter and and permit them to give you a prepared snack like fruit roll-ups and a juice box.

6. Put on some music and dance! Create your own dance moves to their favorite songs.


7. Puzzles are a great way to spend time keeping busy and entertained. It is a great activity before bedtime.

8. Keep a positive attitude and have fun! Your energy and smile will enhance any activity and will make for great memories for both you and the kids.

9. It is always fun to pack a picnic basket and play outside on the playset or with other friends in the neighborhood.

10. You may have passes to a local pool/aquatic center just make sure you pack sunscreen, goggles, water toys, towels, and dry clothes to come home in.

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