June 2019 Feature! Jennifer Robb

Perspective and Perserverance


It’s June already? 2019 is almost half over? Where does the time go? This is a special year of reflection and of perspective for me, as 2019 marks my 15th year of Organizing Professionally. I created Simple Organizing Strategies in 2004 while I was selling high end eyewear and teaching contact lens insertion and removal to patients at THE cutest Optical Boutique in Iowa City. At that time, my boss and mentor suggested that I follow the direction of my strengths and become a Pro Organizer.


I made the leap when my baby girl was 8 months old and my oldest was just a toddler. Now, my youngest is a high school sophomore taking online college courses and my oldest is a high school senior, a proud member of the West Branch Volunteer Fire Department, and is on track to graduate with the class of 2020 while also receiving her EMT certification through our local community college. Since making the decision to create a life of health and balance for myself and my girls, there has been no looking back, and no stopping the momentum on our journey of improving lives.


In 2006, the original members of Iowa Professional Organizers came together to form a support system for networking and for referrals throughout the state. We knew we were different, and we wanted to set ourselves apart in order to support and strengthen each other, and the industry of Professional Organizing and Productivity Consulting in Iowa. In 2019, 13 years later, IPO continues to thrive. In the last 2 years, we have received hundreds of messages and inquiries resulting in nearly 100 client referrals to our members.


As father time slows for no man, my career and family have evolved and so have I personally. I have been married and divorced. My children have grown up before my eyes. I lost my beloved mother too soon to cancer. Close friends have died, pets have come and gone, and the only constant has been that nothing stays the same. Everything changes. All of these events, in conjunction with my soul crying out for simplicity, balance and unconditional love for myself and those around me, has given me time to reflect on who I am to myself, who I am to others and how I can do my best to have the impact I want to have on this world and on my community, and to create the legacy I want to leave behind.

Last year I made a commitment to my physical health in addition to keeping my surroundings in order. I began practicing yoga, fell in love with how it made my mind feel and how it was making my body look, so I committed to yoga teacher training, becoming an RYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor. By October, my YTT classmate Emily, Myself and our teacher Megan purchased a studio, and now we have Muddy Feet Yoga to add to our tool box of resources for creating heath and balance! We can tackle it all now, get everything organized once and for all. We can create systems for your space and time, as well as clear a path through mental and physical clutter.


So, in reflection I preach perspective and perseverance. Is your glass half empty or half full? When I mentioned yoga, did you catch yourself thinking, “I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible.” If so, “not flexible” is a great place to start. Think of the results you will see. If you commit to changing your perspective, you will begin to think about how absolutely freaking amazing your body is for what it allows you to do and you’ll start to celebrate the shit out of that. At our studio we accept fat or skinny, light or dark, tall or short, flexible or not. We meet you where you are and encourage you to grow, in more ways than you know. And once you find the courage to start, you must persevere. Stay the course and give yourself a chance to create a routine, and then to turn that routine into a habit that becomes second nature. Imagine if all of your daily tasks were second nature, no conscious thought needed for things like staying on schedule, finding keys, purses, paying bills, grocery shopping, nutrition, exercise, etc. If all of these things were just part of your usual routine and you didn’t have to give thought or energy to making them happen, you would have so much more time and energy for anything you truly LOVE and want to spend more time on. TIME IS PRECIOUS. You can’t buy back time and you can’t buy health. Treasure those things and try to maintain them. Persevere. Don’t give up.

I may not have the answers, but I can tell you what I’ve lived and experienced as a student of the universe. Detach from your ego. Be kind to others. Be the glass half full person. Practice appreciation. Be humble. Love is love. It’s all that matters and it’s universal. Be it, show it, receive it. We all deserve it.

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