May 2019 Feature! Noelle Carroll

Welcome to May! Where are you at in your life? We’re all walking paths, and for me, it’s time to bring home my college student and to start planning summer activities with both kids! If you can relate, below are some suggestions to make things go a little smoother. Enjoy!

Moving College Kids Home From Dorms/Apartments/House:


1. Bring coffee/hot chocolate/soda with some bagels/donuts. Everyone is always ready to

eat. This will start the process off with a smile for the day!

2. Three areas for kids to sort before the move out takes place:

sell donate.jpg

a. Items never used

b. Items to store over summer

c. Items needed during summer

3. Have your kids do the following before arrival:

a. Discard any trash

b. Return anything to the college

c. Anything rented needs to be returned or

picked up

d. Bookstore - make sure you have all papers needed for return

e. Separate anything from your roommate

4. Dress to move items - no flip flops or sandals.

5. Packing Items:

a. Plastic containers to get home and for summer storage

b. Labels/Markers - for summer storage items

c. Garbage bags - you can use white bags for keep items and hanging clothes;

black bags for trash - bring the whole box

d. Boxes are good for donation items - more sturdy than bags

6. Shipping Items - Not all items may fit into a car for a long trip home; may need to box some items so look at times to send through FedEx, UPS or USPS.

7. Storage Options:

a: On-campus - may not be a possibility

b. Local storage - may be expensive

c. Home storage - do you have room?

d. Friends/Roommate Storage - for those that live to far away

8. Cleaning supplies - there may already be supplies in the room or apartment but take some anyway just to make sure you do not have to make a special trip to the store to buy more product that you would already have in hand!

Good Luck and Have a Great Summer!


For her own family and her clients alike, Noelle Carroll is the transitions expert! Her Company, Simply Organized, Inc is based out of Des Moines, IA but services customers nationwide. That’s a pretty BIG deal.  Noelle has over 20+ years of professional organizational experience dealing with clients and delivering the highest standard of service and customer satisfaction. Areas of expertise include: coordinating, managing, organizing, and directing.

Noelle has a Masters in Business Leadership and BS in Marketing/ Management/Human Resource Management from Upper Iowa University and an AA in Business Administration/ Office Management from AIB in Des Moines, IA.

Noelle also helps clients across the United States with downsizing, packing, moving and unpacking projects as well as estate sales. Noelle has worked with many senior living providers to help with the process of transition for their clients. Let Noelle ease your next transition, and look for her blog on the 15th that will be packed with more useful tips for summer!

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