October 2019 Feature! Adam Stevens


It’s Fall! This summer flew by very quickly and here we are in October, complete with typical Iowa weather! I have been looking forward to contributing to the IPO vault this month and am particularly excited as my wife and I are expecting a baby November 3! Fortunately, this is forcing our hand to get some much needed upgrades done to the compound which provides great need for organization! Amazingly, I’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to stay organized during a remodel. It is important to note that these are merely 5 ways to stay organized during a remodel. I’m certain there are others. 

  1. Try to remember where you put stuff. Most of the stuff that I moved from one spot to another spot might as well be in a different country. I’m currently surrounded by stuff that I have no idea where or to whom (who?) it belongs. Labels would have helped, but the guy came to measure carpet and you all know how it goes. 

  2. If boxing items up, put the stuff you might use on top and storage items down low. In August I was rifling through blankets and tax stuff to find batteries. Batteries should have been on the top!

  3. Keep all receipts in a handy place. I use my dresser, but a folder or envelope would also suffice. Contractors like to order a little more than needed, just in case, and there’s a small fortune of returns sitting in the garage. Luckily I don’t have to look far to find the receipts. 

  4. Clean up before moving to the next task. Working and living around building materials grows tiresome quickly, so also try staggering deliveries closer to installation times. 

  5. Be realistic and optimistic as it will be worth it! If half of the house is torn up then things can only improve!


Adam is the owner of ShelfGenie of Des Moines and has been designing and installing custom Glide-Out shelving solutions in kitchens, bathrooms, and pantries since 2015. He is married to his wife Ashley and they have a daughter, Ella, and three dogs: Penny, Oliver, and Kit Thunder. 

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