January 2019 - New Year, New Decor!

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For many people, myself included, dismantling our cozy, holiday homes can leave us feeling a bit sad and our homes a bit bare. On the other hand, I love starting the new year with a clean slate for decorating! I have so much fun moving furniture pieces around, rummaging through the house to find accessories to display, creating new stacks of books, and switching out pillow covers and throws.

When decorating your home post-holidays, you want to make reference to the winter season still ahead without appearing as though you just haven’t taken down your holiday decorations yet.

This transition from Christmas to winter can be tough (and not just for decorating) but I’m going to give you some tips on how to achieve a warm, cozy sanctuary you’ll love snuggling up in until Spring!

Keep your wreath – If your holiday wreath doesn’t scream “Christmas”, then leave it out! If it’s made up of holly berries or red and green ribbon, then switch it out for another beautiful wreath. Wreaths can be used for décor year-round. Whether it’s a floral wreath, a yarn strung wreath, or a twig wreath, just find one that reminds you of the season and it will easily add style wherever you hang it!


Layer textiles – Fabric is such a versatile material because it can add pops of color, pattern, and texture to a room. In your home, you probably have several materials you can build around already.  Some examples include upholstered furniture, throw pillows, blankets, poufs, rugs, curtains, and fabric wall art. Layering your room with a variety of these different fabrics will make it feel warm and comfortable while adding interest and dimension!

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Bring Nature In - In those winter months when the trees outside are brown and bare, having living plants in your home brings the beauty of nature inside and helps you look forward to the new life that lies ahead in the spring. Vibrant, fresh flowers in a vase or a green, leafy plant will instantly uplift your home and your mood! Nurturing an indoor garden or just some potted herbs also allows you to foster your green thumb even in the winter.

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Accessorize with wood - In addition to having other natural elements such as plants and flowers in your home, incorporating wood gives a space warmth, texture, and an organic touch. Wood can be introduced in a variety of ways from the structure of the home such as beams and flooring to the furnishing and accessories. If you don’t have much wood in the architecture of your home, you can add wood elements with furniture, bread boards, bowls, and photo frames, to name a few.

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Use fairy lights – One of my favorite things about decorating my home for Christmas is the warm, cozy ambience of all the twinkling lights. Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean you need to ditch all the lights. Battery operated fairy lights are a great option for creating this ambience. These pretty, little wires with tiny lights can be used in so many ways to create a cozy atmosphere. You can string them across a fireplace mantel, illuminate a glass hurricane, add them to a decorative bowl, run them along your dining table centerpiece- the options are endless!


For more tips and ideas, contact Stacie Langan of Pretty Simple Decorating & Organizing Quad Cities, or find her page at www.iowaprofessionalorganizers.com. Happy Decorating!