April 2019 Feature! Sydney Young

5 Habit Creating Tips to Staying Organized


Hi, I’m Sidney, Owner of Need Organizing? in Iowa City, IA. Forming good organizational habits and establishing a solid daily routine isn’t easy but it can change your life! 

I’ve been a Professional Organizer and Efficiency Consultant for over 13 years and the one question I get asked the most is, “Once I’m organized, how do I keep it that way?” We are what we repeatedly do, and creating a habit formed around keeping your space or home organized is important! Did you know that 40% of our daily actions aren’t based on actual decisions that we make, but on habits we’ve formed?

That’s right! Nearly half our actions are solely done out of habit! 

So, How Do We Create a Habit to keep you organized?? These 5 tips will help increase your chances of maintaining your organization by creating habits to do so: 

1. TAKE SMALL STEPS! Keeping it simple is the best way to start. Decide what organizing goal is important to you (not to your kids or your husband), and go from there.  If your goal is to keep you home office organized, then start with keeping your desk clear of clutter but spending 10 minutes at the end of your day filing and putting papers away. Always add a time limit when creating a goal, as it gives you an end‐in‐sight and creates intrinsic motivation to see the end product!


2. MAKE IT KNOWN. Getting support from a non‐judgmental friend or family member can help when you get off track or need some additional motivation. A goal without making it known to others isn’t really a goal at all. If you have decided to organize your garage because you would like to fit your car in, tell your husband or family friend that’s what you are going to do. You will have someone to encourage you if you should find that it’s the end of February and your car still can’t make it into the garage! 

3. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. Research shows that performing the same tasks for at least 2130 days can make just about any action a habit.  Repetition is key, as creating the habit is not a simple task. (If it were, wouldn’t we all be thinner and totally organized?) Decide what organizing habit you want to create and then do it daily until it is an automatic part of your routine.


4.Write down the habit you want to change/create and be sure to write down specific plans for achieving that goal.  If you want to keep the clutter off your kitchen counters, perhaps write, “I will not go to bed without spending 5 minutes to put things on counters in their proper place.”  You’ll be amazed at how a written plan makes execution easier, and how nice it is to wake up to uncluttered kitchen counters!

5. GIVE YOURSELF A REWARD. If you want to create a habit around keeping your closet organized to make it easier to get dressed for work then your will be an amazing looking closet that saves you time in the morning. A physical reward would be motivating as well, you could purchase all new fabric hangers to replace your old plastic ones.

Getting and STAYING organized is a process and there may be some tweaking, but don’t get discouraged!Anything worth doing takes time. For More information, or to book an appointment with Sidney, go to: www.need-organizing.com