November 2019 Feature! Jamie Bockelmann


My name is Jamie Bockelmann and I am the owner of minimize THAT, LLC. I created this organizing business with the intention of infusing minimalism into the lives of those I serve. I am a true believer in the old saying "Less is more." Less stuff = time freedom. Less of the materialism our society has come to crave = more time spent appreciating those and what surrounds us. I have always had a knack for organization and find I am at ease when my life is tidy. A tidy life may consist of an organized/presentable space, easy-to-find supplies, little to no paper documentation and more time spent creating experiences and memories.

I currently work full-time and am completing my master’s degree, so professional organizing is a side-business that I do very “minimally” for the time being. Next year I plan to dedicate more time to building minimize THAT, LLC into a professional organizing business serving the Sioux City, Iowa and surrounding areas. 

Contact me if you are in search of less. I can help with home organization, business/office organization, time management, clutter control, paper management, downsizing, closet organization and electronic organization.

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October 2019 - Falling Forward


Better catch your step because we’re falling forward fast, whether we like it or not. We’ve had to say goodbye to summer already as this year has flown by so fast! Seriously, I saw Christmas decorations at the local super center just the other day, how is that even possible!?!?!?

The hustle and bustle has definitely hit our household as well! My girls jut made it through Senior Pictures, Homecoming and ACT testing, and I have started traveling monthly for continued yoga education. To keep the wheel running smoothly takes a little bit of teamwork and a lot of disciplined planning on each of our parts.

As an Organizing Professional I have learned that planning can in itself, be a very scary word for many people. The word planning triggers fear and can make people feel overwhelmed before even getting started. If this is the case for you, then throw “planning” out the window and start “brainstorming” instead. Changing the language can change mental attitude and make all the difference in the world!

What does that mean? To simplify, part of the job of an Organizer is to take large, overwhelming projects and break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks that people can accomplish. Planning can sometimes act as a trigger word, causing overload and shut down, so your goal can be getting your thoughts down onto paper or onto a voice recorder or whatever system works best for you, which will allow you to begin to prioritize all of the pieces of the puzzle so that each category can come together, forming your master plans. This can range from grocery lists to upcoming appointments, from Holiday shopping to home improvement and organizing projects. You could use one notebook to empty all of the agenda items and thoughts you have, and watch them begin to assume priority, with the most important items getting a #1 and least urgent #4. Next, section the notebook off with sticky notes and create categories to keep track of all of the items in your life that require some planning. Take this idea one step further by color coding the sections of your notebook to make finding your categories more efficient for visual thinkers.


In our home, brainstorms include next month’s wisdom tooth extraction surgery, holiday shopping, and plans for the new year! And again, with two teenagers I am looking forward to not only budgeting time and energy, but also financially budgeting for Spring Break trips, Prom and then Graduation! All of these things will be here before we know it and I want to be as prepared as possible!

So, wherever you are in your process of falling forward, try to capture your thoughts. Clear out that metal space so your brainstorm can begin to take shape, like a map of what lies ahead for your time, energy and money. Once your ideas begin to take shape in your notebook or on your spreadsheet or in your voice recorded folder, you will have more mental space to be mindful of your time and to listen to what your body needs so that you can best care for yourself and in turn, those you love most.

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Replace old, ineffective habits with positive new routines. Break large overwhelming obstacles into smaller more manageable tasks. Reward yourself for accomplishments, large and small. Rely on a support system for things you get stuck on. Beleve in the process and in yourself. Dare to be great.

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October 2019 Feature! Adam Stevens


It’s Fall! This summer flew by very quickly and here we are in October, complete with typical Iowa weather! I have been looking forward to contributing to the IPO vault this month and am particularly excited as my wife and I are expecting a baby November 3! Fortunately, this is forcing our hand to get some much needed upgrades done to the compound which provides great need for organization! Amazingly, I’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to stay organized during a remodel. It is important to note that these are merely 5 ways to stay organized during a remodel. I’m certain there are others. 

  1. Try to remember where you put stuff. Most of the stuff that I moved from one spot to another spot might as well be in a different country. I’m currently surrounded by stuff that I have no idea where or to whom (who?) it belongs. Labels would have helped, but the guy came to measure carpet and you all know how it goes. 

  2. If boxing items up, put the stuff you might use on top and storage items down low. In August I was rifling through blankets and tax stuff to find batteries. Batteries should have been on the top!

  3. Keep all receipts in a handy place. I use my dresser, but a folder or envelope would also suffice. Contractors like to order a little more than needed, just in case, and there’s a small fortune of returns sitting in the garage. Luckily I don’t have to look far to find the receipts. 

  4. Clean up before moving to the next task. Working and living around building materials grows tiresome quickly, so also try staggering deliveries closer to installation times. 

  5. Be realistic and optimistic as it will be worth it! If half of the house is torn up then things can only improve!


Adam is the owner of ShelfGenie of Des Moines and has been designing and installing custom Glide-Out shelving solutions in kitchens, bathrooms, and pantries since 2015. He is married to his wife Ashley and they have a daughter, Ella, and three dogs: Penny, Oliver, and Kit Thunder. 

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September 2019 - Library Card Sign Up Month!

Stalling Future Book Clutter by Making

A Visit to Your Local Library Can Save You Money $$$.


I was scrolling through my emails when I clicked on one from my local library, the subject was September is library card sign up month. After doing some research I found out Library Card sigh up month has been held each September to mark the beginning of the school year since 1987. During the month, the American Library Association and libraries unite in a national effort to ensure every child and adult who hasn’t already gets signs-up for their own library card. 

As a mother of two avid readers we spend lots of time at the library but also an equal amount of time in Barns & Noble or shopping on Amazon.   My Amazon cart currently has 6 books in it just for my 9 year old alone it doesn’t include any books for myself or daughter yet. My husband and I have been discussing different ways to save money and it just clicked that all these small book purchases REALLY DO ADD UP.

I was inspired by a recent Reddit post that answers the question of how much money you can save using the library, in black and white. People were sharing pictures of their library receipts, which shows how much money they saved by checking books out from the library instead of buying them, the response was absolutely eye opening. At a time when library funding is in danger across the country, it makes it clear just how valuable libraries are to the American public.

But how much money should a single person expect to save by using their local library instead of buying books? Americans read an average of 12 books per year, according to a 2018 study by Pew Research, and a typical hardcover novel for adults retails for between $25 and $30. If we consider $27.50 to be the average price of an adult hardcover, then a single library user who reads only one book per month could expect to save $330 per year by using their local library. 

Research shows $18 as "a typical list price for a picture book" in hardcover, which means that parents and caretakers can save $18,000 in five years — or $3,600 per year — by checking out children's books from their local library. Assuming you read one new book to your child per day, your savings would total $6,570 every year, or $32,850 in five years.  THAT’S A TON OF SAVINGS FOLKS!!!

Think about how it would add up if you stopped purchasing books for your babies, toddlers and beginning readers and began borrowing from the library. Yikes!!!! That could equal lots of book clutter avoided over the years. Since parents and caregivers are encouraged to read daily to their childrens in their formative years, if your just getting hip to this, go check out some books ideas that you can easily return! You too can avoid having a ton of purchased books lying around.

Maybe all those potential savings could inspire a little book purge at home, Because Why Not. I wanted to share some amazing tips from one of my favorite organizing websites Home Storage Solutions It gives 5 quick Questions to ask yourself when decluttering Books:

5 Questions To Ask Yourself when Decluttering Books

  • Is this a duplicate? This one is a no-brainer

  • Is the material in this book out of date or no longer relevant?

  • Have I read this book yet or will I in the future?

  • Why do I want to keep this book?

  • Could I check out this book at the library if I wanted to read it again?

I hope this information has inspired you to go to the library.

Save some money and purge a few books along the way.

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September 2019 Feature! Sidney Young

13 Sure-Fire Tips to Get and KEEP Your Home in Order

These 13 tips will help you clear your home of the messy buildups and help relieve the stress that comes with having a disorganized home.  Letting go of the things that take up space or do not enhance your life will make each day feel more productive and satisfying.

sell donate.jpg

1. De-clutter for 20 minutes every day. Organizing and purging in small increments makes a HUGE difference and helps to create a routine.

2. Donate or Sell the stuff you’re de-cluttering. There are many websites for selling online: Craigslist, EBay, Facebook sites and so on. You can also do a good deed and get a tax deduction to boot when you donate your items to a charity.

3. Make it a habit to clean your desk.  Use the 20 minute rule for your home office at the end of each day. File and shred daily to help prevent those mounts of paper work and bills to accumulate.  It is also easier to focus on your projects with your desk in order.

4. Get the kids involved.  For those of you with children even the little ones, get them in on the fun.  Kids are more than likely to keep things organized if they are involved with the process.  Make it a game, set a timer and offer rewards.

5. Practice the “one in, one out” rule.  Whenever you bring in an item, you have to purge one as well. Utilizing this rule will help you be mindful of the items you purchase as well.

6. De-clutter one room or space at a time. This will help you stay focused and motivate to do more!

7. Stand and Sort. Open and sort your mail the minute you take it from the mailbox.  Toss all junk mail and envelopes in the recycle bin and put all bills and other important docs in an IN BOX or Bill file.  Don’t let your mail pile up!!

8. When in doubt, throw it out! Follow this rule and it can change your life.  Ask yourself, “Do I need this?” and if not, throw it out, donate it or sell it.  95% of what you toss you will never need again. I promise!!


9. A place for everything…and everything in its place.  This simply means putting things where they belong.  Make a habit of not putting things down unless you are putting them where they belong

10. GET HELP! Ask a friend you trust to help you go through things. They will not be emotionally attached and can help you focus. When in doubt hire a PRO: If you're just too overwhelmed a professional organizer can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

11. CLEAR OUT YOUR GARAGE and storage clutter!!! Letting go of stored items is one of the most difficult projects for many of my clients but it’s necessary.  Let go of old documents, 10 year old taxes, baby items, unused furniture and broken items. If the item has gone unused for the past 1-2 years it’s best to clear it out and make room for items you truly want to store.

12. Get your kitchen in order! Remove everything from the counters that is not used on a daily basis.  Make sure to store cookware and keep nick-knacks to a minimum.

13. Stop clutter before it starts!  Instead of shopping when you don’t need anything specific, go for a walk or spend time with a friend.  The idea is to spend less time creating more clutter and focus on more important things.


Need Organizing has been helping people gain control of their clutter since 1999 and has been featured on local news and published articles on Conquering clutter.  My approach is simple and straight forward. I will work collaboratively with you to prioritize what you have and what you need at home or the office.

My mission is to rid homes and offices of clutter, while helping to make each day feel more productive and satisfying.

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August 2019 - My Favorite Books for Organizing Inspiration!

My favorite books for organizing inspiration!

I’ve always loved learning. Ever since I completed my formal education and pursued my passion of organizing as a way to help others, I have deliberately sought out credible resources for further inspiration and instruction. Most of those resources are books. I relish the act of reading physical books (rather than articles on my phone, which inevitably just leads to browsing social media). A great day, for me, includes visiting the local library, perusing the online catalog, walking up and down the shelves with my head cocked at 90 degrees, and taking home a stack of books about home organization methods. 

I’ve come across some true gems, and I wanted to share them with the Iowa Professional Organizers community! 

NOTE: It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I somewhat pride myself on being a “minimalist”, so you will notice a trend among my selections. I know that not everyone aspires to be a minimalist; however, I feel that everyone can benefit from some of the philosophy of minimalism on their path to organization and productivity. Organizing is not a “one size fits all” exercise, so pick and choose what works for you!

The Minimalist Home | Joshua Becker

The Minimalist Home.jpg

The Joy of Less | Francine Jay

The Joy of Less.jpg

New Minimalism | Cary Telander Fortin + Kyle Louise Quilici

New Minimalism.jpg

I also enjoyed these books more geared towards increasing your productivity potential:

The Power of Less | Leo Babauta

The Power of Less.jpg

Essentialism | Greg McKeown


I’d love to hear about your favorite books and other resources related to organizing – please do share!

Happy reading 😊

August 2019 Feature! Christine Dornbusch

Catching up with the ‘The Neat Freak’ of Waterloo

Happy August fellow organization enthusiasts! I am excited to be celebrating my third beautiful summer as an Iowan and continue to be very pleased with my decision to move to this lovely state.


A little update on my business – I kicked off the summer with a “Take Back Your Space” presentation at the Cedar Falls Public Library at the end of May. It was great to see such a diversity of ages in the attendees, and the questions I got were fantastic! That momentum and energy carried over to the next stop on my library roadshow at the Marion Public Library in June. Thank you to everyone who attended those events! It was truly a joy to share my passion of organizing through those public forums, and I always learn so much from the participants.


I am continuing to accept new clients and am particularly interested in helping families who are either preparing to move or have recently moved. That is a great time to take inventory of your “stuff” and create sustainable organization systems that increase productivity, give you more space, and allow you to spend your precious time doing the things you love.


Outside of my business, I am active in the community theatre scene. I recently wrapped up my commitment as the choreographer for Waterloo Community Playhouse’s production of “Beauty and the Beast”. The talent in that cast was outstanding, and I especially enjoyed creating a dance for enchanted dishes and flatware for the “Be Our Guest” number. I couldn’t stop smiling as I sat in the audience during performances. It was an experience I won’t soon forget.

In June, I hosted my family’s annual reunion. Wow – what a weekend! We all had a great time watching old home videos, playing lawn games, and eating endless amounts of food. While I quickly learned that it is a ton of work to prepare for and execute such an event, I found that my knack for organization (in the form of a shared spreadsheet via Google Drive) helped me solicit help from family members, delegate food prep responsibilities, and keep track of the number of tables and chairs I was going to need. It felt great to show everyone that even a minimalist can host and entertain guests 😊


Soak up the sunshine while it lasts – thanks for reading!

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July 2019 - Become More Mindful to Become More Organized

Not many would put organization and mindfulness on a two-armed scale and think they would balance each other out. Are they even related?

Being mindful is a way to look at your perspective on a situation and be open to new awareness and adjustment. After two years of taking coaching courses, I’m now a huge advocate that you can’t have long-term success at being organized without a thorough look at your perspectives. When I first started my business 5 years ago, this wasn’t my professional approach. Now, I hold out the two-arm scale and say with confidence that organization and mindfulness go hand-in-hand in order to have a balanced home, life, and mind.

email facebook posts larger balance pers.png

Let me explain further.

Organization is creating function in a space. Mindfulness and perspective is seeing what is affecting the bigger picture. You need the big picture before you can improve function.

An oil change metaphor
You can take your car to get an oil change. It runs well until the next oil change. You can go one step further and learn how to change your own oil, and it will also run well until the next change. But, when the car breaks down and you change the oil thinking that will repair the leak in the radiator, your car won’t run well, if at all. You need to step back and learn how the whole car functions in order to learn (and see) how to keep it running smoothly. 

Perspective helps you see the cause and effect.

This bigger picture is the benefit of perspective. You can organize a space by purging and rearranging, but it doesn’t change how the space operates in the big picture. You need to step back, assess the bigger picture and create self-awareness. Perspective helps you see the cause and effect. It helps you learn and uncover your habits (good or bad!) so you can create change for the long term. A quick oil change will only get you so far.

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The mountain view
I love to hike. When I hike in my hometown of Phoenix on Cambelback Mountain, I am always tricked into thinking I’m almost at the top. It’s a deceiving trail because the trail winds and the small peaks with beautiful views give the illusion that you’re near the top. But, if you keep climbing you will finally arrive at the top of the mountain, and you can see a 360 view of the city. It’s stunning. I love sitting up there and taking in the city and being able to see for miles. A view I wouldn’t have otherwise had if I’d stayed at the bottom of the mountain or stopped at the lower peaks. The 360-degree perspective gives a new appreciation for the hard work it took to get to the top and an awareness that there is more than one view of the city scape.

This is life. We can see one viewpoint from where we stand today. But there are many other angels and panoramas that we are missing out on if we don’t explore things from the bigger picture.

Per-spec-tive. Long word with a lot of power.

How to gain perspective?
Perspective and mindfulness comes from creating self-awareness. We need to explore our awareness which leads to action and learning. What we once thought was truth is now adjusted because we are open to new possibilities. Ask yourself, what is working in the space? What’s getting in the way? What has power over my thoughts? What life do I want to live? What’s the bigger goal/picture? 

Become more mindful today and gain new perspective to move forward with more order…and more life!

If you desire more productivity and don’t know what is getting you stuck, contact an Iowa Professional Organizer in your region to get started today. 

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Michelle Kuiken, Organizer + Coach, offers Productivity Coaching via phone regardless of location. If you’re curious about how your perspective is getting in the way, schedule a free More Order Strategy Session with Michelle here Learn how to be free to do more life!

Michelle Kuiken

The Proper Place

Organizer + Coach

organizing in NW Iowa and coaching nationwide

June 2019 - Summer Fun!

The dog days of summer are almost here!

Here are some activities/ideas to do with the kids whether you want to be inside or outside.

Enjoy your summer!


1. Games can be easy and fun. Traditional “Simon Says” or 123 Red Light” are great ones for when you are outside on a sunny warm day. Board games are a great way to spend time inside on a rainy day. You can also sit and make silly faces or play hide and seek.


2. Go to a nearby park or playground. This is a great way to burn off energy on a beautiful day. You can always grab a ball and take it with you.

Messy Kids Summer Activities 1.png

3. Crafts are fun for all ages. Finger painting can be done both inside and outside using edible materials such as yogurt and food coloring. Make some cookie dough and have them cut out favorite shapes.

4. Reading aloud is always an option and enhances the experience if you include props such as blankets, pillows, chairs to make a tent or fort. Pop some popcorn and it will make it all come to life.

5. Reverse roles and let the kids be the babysitter and and permit them to give you a prepared snack like fruit roll-ups and a juice box.

6. Put on some music and dance! Create your own dance moves to their favorite songs.


7. Puzzles are a great way to spend time keeping busy and entertained. It is a great activity before bedtime.

8. Keep a positive attitude and have fun! Your energy and smile will enhance any activity and will make for great memories for both you and the kids.

9. It is always fun to pack a picnic basket and play outside on the playset or with other friends in the neighborhood.

10. You may have passes to a local pool/aquatic center just make sure you pack sunscreen, goggles, water toys, towels, and dry clothes to come home in.

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