Iowa Professional Organizers


Organizing Homes and Businesses since 2006

In order to promote the benefits of the organizing and productivity industry to individuals, families, and businesses in the state of Iowa, IPO (Iowa Professional Organizers) was formed in 2006. The professional organizers and productivity consultants of IPO bring with them a wide variety of knowledge, resources, and skills, stemming from our varying backgrounds and areas of education.

IPO members have worked in fields such as business, marketing, education, healthcare, psychology, and law. This wide range of unique skills and expertise provides Iowa residents with a valuable professional network. IPO draws from each of its members knowledge, assistance, and resources, extending to clients the best possible organizing experience.

What is a Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer (and productivity consultant) will offer creative ideas and information, in order to structure a system that will increase your productivity and help to reduce stress. Iowa Professional Organizers are ready to work with you to gain greater control over your time, space, and money.

How does hiring a Professional Organizer save me money?

Saving money comes from being more productive with your time. By working with a professional organizer or productivity consultant, you will learn to transform your work or living space into a place where anything can be found quickly, so that whatever your task, you will be prepared to work efficiently and without wasting additional time or money.